By the Numbers

Detecting strong and weak

by Adam Shiffman

If you have attended a Yuen Method seminar, teleseminar, or teleclinic, you may have heard Dr. Yuen or others mention numbers and percentages. It might be a number denoting a number of years, a percentage, or an average.  It might be any number.

I’m sure I am not the first person to wonder how Dr. Yuen and others are able to do this. Because let’s face it, to the Western mind that relies on logic, science, and rational thinking, this does seem pretty miraculous and unbelievable.  I know because this is exactly what I thought the first time I listened to a teleseminar.

So how does this work? Is there a technique for doing this?

Of course your intuition will always connect with answers, but there is an easy technique I use that seems to work well enough.  I use feeling.  That’s feeling, not emotion.

What are you feeling?

I am feeling strong and weak.

It can’t be that simple.

It really is that simple.  Dr. Yuen always says, anyone can do this method.  This is why learning how to feel strong and weak is so important.

So the key to unlocking the door to your intuition is detecting strong and weak?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First you want to practice detecting strong and weak.  You can do it mentally or with muscle testing.  For distance work, I often use interlocking fingers.  When I’m testing mentally, strong is a full sensation I often feel across my chest, while weak has little foundation and drops down into my gut unable to sustain itself.  Of course, this is not the same for everyone; your individual perception of strong and weak may be different.

How does this really work, can you explain the technique?

Connect to your self or another energetically.

  • Establish readiness, polarity, and neutrality
  • Put your attention on the midline
  • Ask a question and start counting
  • Stop thinking and feel instead of thinking
  • As you count, feel for strong and weak

When you detect a change from strong or weak, you have detected a threshold.

Can I use this technique with anyone?

This can be done with your self, another person in your physical presence, or another person you know or know through a surrogate.  You can do this by phone, e-mail, or Internet.

Can you give us an example of how this works?

Well, let’s say I connect to my self and ask how much energetic support I have for detecting strong or weak.  I begin to count and feel for strong and weak. Right now the answer is about 80 percent.  10 minutes later it is 87 percent; 5 minutes after that it’s up to about 90 percent; 5 minutes later it’s 98 percent.

You can count up or down, it makes no difference as long as you know what you are counting by establishing a starting point or scale.

And since I’m inclined to boldly go…. I even asked my self when am I going to die?  The answer is 87.   Or how many past lives have I had? 13.

Wait, I don’t believe in past lives!

It really doesn’t matter what we believe, if something is true and it affects us then it is real for us, even if we are not aware of the effects.

What if I have trouble?

If you get odd numbers or results, check again for readiness, polarity, and neutrality.  If you don’t understand these terms, you can purchase one of Dr. Yuen’s books, attend a level I seminar, or ask the question on our forums.

If I test again later and ask the same question and get different results, does this mean the technique is flawed or unreliable?

No.  The Universe is mutable.  But if your answers always differ, then check again for readiness, polarity, and neutrality.

So that’s really all there is to it?

Yes. Just focus on detecting strong and weak.  Remember, total acceptance with zero rejection or judgment.

And that is by the numbers.

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