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If you are expecting this to be a clever story about time travel then you may be disappointed.  But read on because there's more to it than meets the eye.

Assume for the moment, that you want to know more about time travel. How would you learn more? Would you read a book or ask a friend what they knew? Maybe try Google or Wikipedia and think you actually know something about the subject? 

Is time travel simply a question of having access to the appropriate technology or is there another way to travel through time? Would that technology be indistinguishable from magic? Perhaps there's another way?

That's a lot of questions, so let's shift gears a bit and see if we can't find some answers.

Now you are dreaming. You are dreaming that a good friend is telling you a story about time travel. You are not really so interested, but you enjoy your friend's company, so you listen:

"Once I had this amazing dream.  Well, I guess it was more like a vision because it didn't actually seem to me that I was dreaming or asleep at all, but I was most definitely not awake either.  As I slept, two unusual and unfamiliar beings came to visit me. They were not human and clearly not of this world; they were humanoid in form only with no distinguishing features, apart from the brilliance of their luminous shape. They did not exactly seem like aliens either, they were both familiar and unfamiliar.

They appeared before me and approached almost without seeming to move at all. They clearly meant me no harm and I knew it immediately. They asked for my permission to guide me.  They did not speak, but I heard them quite clearly. There were no words, but I understood them perfectly. I knew I was about to witness something quite outside my normal perception or experience. I accepted and our journey began.  

Suddenly my perception of time and space transformed into something I can only describe as zooming out.  We stepped out of the physical dimension of space and time.

First we traveled backward through time to the beginning of life on Earth.  They showed me the early origins of life. I witnessed the growth and movement of continents and oceans.  Some of it happened as if we were moving quickly through time, then everything would slow down or shift in some subtle way. I also witnessed key planetary events. These were events that would influence the evolution of life on this planet in some meaningful way. Some were cataclysmic, others quite subtle.

The experience was fascinating. As we moved forward through Earth's history, I noticed that we were witnessing these marvels sometimes as if from a distance, other times from very close up. We would step into the frame of that time and space to briefly taste it's unique flavor.  It was right at the threshold of my ability to perceive, almost more than I could take in at once.

And then suddenly everything stopped.  We were outside of all time and space now. They wanted me to see this. I felt like they wanted to remind me that I had been here before and would return again in the future.  There really was no time as I knew it, or once understood it. It was as if they had played a few notes for me in this quiet place; they were silent tones, conveyed only by subtle vibration of energy and intention.

Zoom in. We were traveling through Earth's history again.  By now homo sapiens had begun to spread across the planet in larger numbers. I witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. I was able to step in and out of any moment we chose. Once I had grasped the ephemeral nature of space and time, everything changed again. It was incredible!

Now we were viewing the planet from a greater distance and time moved even more quickly.  We moved so far into the future, humanity as we knew it no longer even existed.  By now our Sun was expanding and the Earth was beginning to boil. Further and further we ventured, until even our Sun was no more.  The Universe continued to expand, on and on it went, until it seemed it would never stop.  Just when it seemed to me as if I could go no further, everything shifted.

It was quiet again. We had returned to that place that was truly in another dimension. Here it seemed as if anything and everything was possible. This dimension was limitless but it had no form at all. Something unexplainable washed over me in gentle waves. It was some kind of deep understanding. Now I felt as if I had received a great gift.  Not just a gift of experience or perception, but a gift to share with all of humanity. It was entirely wordless.  My guides floated nearby and gestured to me, they had shown me what I needed to see.

By now I knew I needed to find a way to convey the wordless understanding of the difference between the host and guest. I had borne witness to the great dance of expansion and contraction, creation and destruction, of darkness and light.  All of creation was an open book to me and I knew I had experienced something very unique; it was hidden, but hidden in plain sight!

And that's when I woke up.  I've never forgotten that dream because it was always so real for me. The experience changed me. I knew I would never be the same."  

Then she tells you that there was a final message from the luminous beings:

"The guardians of creation bear witness to all manifestation.  Find the host, witness the truth, and you will be free from the bonds of past, present, and future. Remember us and what you have experienced."

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