Clarity or No Mind

It's not so much that we don't need a mind.  It's more like we need a mind that works for us and not against us.  The mind should be quiet when it has nothing to do.  If there is no peace and quiet, how can we perceive anything?

Yes, meditation is a useful tool for quieting the mind. But it is slow. What is the sudden method? Hold your breath for a quick correction. No thinking, no emotions. 

True, we cannot hold our breath forever: it is simply a pause or an interruption in the endless cycle of recreation we engage in every day.  What are we recreating? Is it pure essence or the web of manifestation?

The problem with the untrained mind is it's always running off in every direction.  When the mind does not serve us, trouble ensues. Yes, every kind of trouble under the Sun is what we get from an unruly mind.

With an unruly mind comes a lot of static or interference. Is the mind at all like a radio? When you tune into a station and hear 3 or 4 other stations playing over it, how can you make sense of any of it? When there is so much static, there is no clarity of mind. When there is no clarity of mind, there is no right action. What leads us to right action?

Right action (or spontaneity) is informed and directed by our intuition and conscious intention (will).  It is not a thought or an emotion. What leads us to our intuition?  With great certainty and no doubt, clarity of mind leads us to intuition. Clarity or no mind is the doorway to our intuition. 

The heart of the mind should be like a clear pool. Thinking and emotions are just ripples in the pool. Our feeling gives us a sense of the pool: is it shallow or deep, murky or clear, moving or still? When the pool is still and clear, it reflects all of creation perfectly.

Intuition is our birthright; it allows humanity to engage in direct perception of truth.

Always seeking clarity reveals truth.  This is the path of wisdom.

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