Body, Mind, and Spirit Correction

Here's a quick method for doing a general correction for body, mind, and spirit.  

  • Go to your centerline and check for neutrality
  • Sweep your attention up and down your centerline and say "Neutral." Do it three times.
  • Strengthen any weakness with a thought to the midline or centerline, put a little energy behind it.

Before you begin, you can check the BMS triad level as a percentage of 100% with infinite potential. Start counting from 0 to 100, when the energy goes weak that is your baseline. Or just wait for your insight to give you the number. Then you can check again after you've corrected the BMS triad .

For the BMS triad, check the external boundary, internal boundary, internal dynamic, and external dynamic individually:

  • Body, mind, and spirit should be strong in coming together and strong in separating (the apexes should be strong)
  • Correct any weaknesses. The three should be more even rather than less; you want evenness in the triad.
  • To enhance the corrections, use the awareness triad, and time factor

 Awareness triad is non-conscious, subconscious, and conscious levels. Time factor is past, present and future.

Correct any weakness, make it strong and delete the cumulative effects of any weakness, zero to power of minus infinity—send to other dimensions, places unknown, other energy fields, other universes, and black holes.


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