Energy Workers Unite!

By Laura Turner

All you 'energy workers' out there preening your feathers and feeling gifted, you just need to calm down. There is nothing religious, mystical or mutually exclusive about energy. For better or worse, we are all energy workers, and we're all in this thing together-feverishly working with energy every second of our born-days.

Continuous creating is going on while we’re asleep, awake, day-dreaming, wishing, wanting or coveting—not to mention all those other 'ing' words with less friendly overtones.

Energy exists independently of our beliefs and, whether we deserve it or not, energy is always there for us. Even the meanest microbe on the planet is tapped in. Why? Because energy is a non-judgmental, equal opportunity substance that only adheres to one lovely principle: It can neither be created nor destroyed.

How perfect can existence get! When I think about the indestructible nature of energy, I feel a big regenerating cache of it throbbing to the music of the ethers, just tempting us to come out and play until the end of time. It's a happy fizzy party that never runs out of fizzies! So what if our naked eyes can't quite get a fix on it. We can feel the shifts, can't we?

Plus, energy's many accomplishments are easy to experience firsthand. Right here in our own Milky Way Galaxy, there's gravity, thermonuclear fusion and electromagnetic energy—just to name a few and sound brilliant at the same time.

Let's face it, my energy co-working maniacs, most of us pretty much take the energy source for granted—except (cough cough) when it comes to ourselves. As individuals and as a species, we are pretty wasteful and destructive on all energetic levels.

We cry babies just love to point the finger: Someone else is sucking all our energy…someone else's energy is getting in our way…someone else wants our energy..someone else….someone else…someone else…

This neutral substance even gets unduly scolded, often reducing the beauty of impersonal energy to the most simple minded dog training method. There's 'bad energy' when something we don't like happens, and 'good energy' when something we do like happens.

Some of us continue to fashion our religions around this hardcore vibe. You know the one I'm talking about: God-boy has only good energy that created his own nemesis, Evil-boy incarnate, who has only bad energy. (Hmm, maybe there's a creation lesson there, after all.)

But lest we forget-there's 'good' and 'bad' karmic principles plaguing our collective consciousness. Whether we choose to indulge in the exciting reward punishment features of karma is irrelevant. There are plenty of devotees willing to pursue karmic evenness until the end of time.

Come on, People! Calling energy 'bad' or 'good' and fashioning entire belief systems out of our silly emotionalized concepts is superstition gone viral—not to mention counterproductive. It's time we were more focused on human evolution.

There's not a good energy warehouse and a bad energy warehouse in our universe—I promise you. There's not a good place or bad place you go after you die. Nor is there a separate stash of clean energy for the self-proclaimed 'gifted energy workers' amongst us, either.

Energy is the most neutral and available commodity in the universe. It doesn't make decisions about where to go, what to do, who to plague, and has no hidden agendas—unlike We the Sentient.

Sentient or not-so-sentient, I figure we are the creators, at least on this level of existence. And all of us dip into the energy trough to create and create, whether we want to or not. Not only do we consciously create, we do it on the subconscious and non-conscious levels simultaneously. When you think about how many gazillion agendas human beings are generating into manifestation in this moment alone, it's a mighty sobering thought!

Energy is at everyone's beck and call, so to speak. Not only has it supported our every choice, wish or command, it continues to do so, whether the choices be known to us or not.

As my friend and mentor Dr. Kam Yuen says, "Everything in life that has materialized for us has been supported by our own energy. And conversely, every undesirable thing has also been supported by our own energy."

In other words, the mechanism that opens and shuts the flow of what materializes for human beings does not decide on its own when to let the energy out, or when to shut it off. We pretty much control that valve, and we control the exact amount–not to mention its exact aim.

What do you say all we Energy Workers learn how to make that aim more precise and beneficial for all living creatures, including ourselves? It just takes a little information about intuition and how to apply it.

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