Following the Weakness to the Root Cause of Pain

By Dr. Kam Yuen

Finding the root cause of a specific physical pain is just a matter of feeling the weakness or weaknesses that lead you there.

How can you follow the change of energy that leads you to the root cause of a specific ailment? By noting the energetic change, you can identify the various causes of pain, dysfunction and ailments. How can you identify these seemingly root causes? By mentally feeling the weaknesses.

Start by recognizing the feeling of strength. A strength keeps the energy field whole, balanced and resilient. There is a buoyancy and fullness to it. In contrast, a weakness can feel tiring and empty. In a state of weakness, there are no creative solutions and it can be difficult to move forward. From a technical standpoint, a strength supports us and what we want, whereas, a weakness does not support us, or what we want.

Think less and feel more

From the beginning, this is what you want-to think less and feel more. You want to simplify your thinking to one word instead of a sentence, a paragraph or story. You will either feel strong or weak.

This minimizes mental confusion and mind chattering. You want to have a single-minded focus so you will not be distracted by yourself, others and/or your surroundings. Clear your mind's attempt to think more than is necessary.

1. Think about a pain you have and quickly detach from the thought. Do not get stuck thinking. Immediately go into you feeling of strong or weak.

2. After thinking about this pain, in a general way, do you feel strong or weak? When you stop thinking, you can feel more accurately what is projected by your surroundings, others and yourself.

In testing yours or someone else's pain, keep in mind the complete picture of being pain-free. Examine and promote the many levels of mind/body spirit of fitness necessary to restore both internal and external balance. The next step is to energetically correct the weaknesses you find, which is the subject of another article.

By Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster Kam Yuen, DC

Martial arts Grandmaster Kam Yuen, Doctor of Chiropractic and former aerospace engineer, was the consultant and stunt coordinator for the original television series 'Kung-Fu.' For the last twenty years, however, the retired Grandmaster has successfully treated over 300,000 patients using a methodology he synthesized from Taoist practices, his martial arts experience and Chiropractic studies.

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