Mental Sabotage in the Form of Suppressed Emotions

By Dr. Kam Yuen

Our minds are always there to sabotage us and tell us that there's something we should be doing or nothing we can do. When our minds need get out of the way, our bodies can improve on their own.

There's no reason why the body can't get its own physical strength, its own physical coordination, flexibility, coordination, agility and speed, if the mind isn't sabotaging it.

When the mind is always there and thinking negative thoughts, the thinking becomes emotionalized. Emotionalized thinking takes us further away from connecting with our own bodies, and the body cannot develop to its full potential and beyond, if the mind is constantly sabotaging it.

The best thing is not have any negative emotions. This can be accomplished by a deletion technique or by removing their cumulative effects, but not by pushing them inside, or by suppressing them.

That's what most people do. They suppress their emotions. Some people, in fact, are even proud of themselves, saying they could suppress anything.

Yes, it's true. You can suppress anything. But suppression is not good for your mind, not good for your body and not good for your spirit. This human tool is not good for you straight across the board.

Sooner or later, people will have to pay a price for suppressing their emotions.

Suppressing the emotions slows everything down. It even slows down your physical responses and makes life more difficult for you in the future. There's no reason why people can't maintain their normal actions when they get older, except the fact that they suppress so many things in their lives.

When you suppress your negative emotions, you push them into your spinal cord. This causes the spinal cord to become less functional. When the spinal cord is less functional, any physical functions, especially in the lower extremities, would get reduced to where it may not even exist.

Everyone can see this in the aging population. They have difficulty even getting out of their chairs and standing up normally. These things do not have to happen.

Once we improve our intuition these things will not happen. Once we do not think that intuition is unimportant, these things will not happen.

We think that logic is the most important thing, but the logic we human beings use puts limitations on our thinking. Our human logic only gives us more and more questions. Never does it give us any answers.

Answers come from our intuition.

By Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster Kam Yuen, DC

Martial arts Grandmaster Kam Yuen, Doctor of Chiropractic and former aerospace engineer, was the consultant and stunt coordinator for the original television series 'Kung-Fu.' For the last twenty years, however, the retired Grandmaster has successfully treated over 300,000 patients using a methodology he synthesized from Taoist practices, his martial arts experience and Chiropractic studies.

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