Resolving Illness and Disease without Drugs or Surgery

Health care costs in this country continue to rise, many Americans have no health insurance, and for those that do, the care and results they receive are often disappointing. In the US alone, millions suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis: that is approximately 116 million people. That's not including the other 23 million for diabetes, 23 million for chronic heart disease and stroke, and almost 12 million from cancer.1

These are truly stunning figures. It's very clear that our so-called "health care" system is not providing the kind of answers people need to resolve their problems, as millions continue to suffer from back pain, head pain, neck pain, and a variety of other ailments. 

What does it all mean and where are the answers we seek? 

If drugs and surgery were the answer, fewer Americans would suffer on a daily basis. And with cost of today's medical care, many of us cannot even afford whatever drugs or surgery the so-called experts are recommending.

It is a sad state of affairs that so many of us suffer without any idea of how to resolve our own condition.  What we all need is truthful answers and those answers are closer to us than we might think.

So how do we go about resolving our problems or our pain?

There really is no secret, it's all about finding the right information or the correct answer that applies to the given situation. That answer has the necessary energy to clear the weak energy or the weakness.

Yuen Method is based on the principle that for any given condition or problem, we are either strong or weak. Energetic weaknesses are identified, strengthened, and then removed using a deletion process.

How does Yuen Method work? This method is based on the principle of neutrality. The idea is to be strongly neutral to any issue, trigger, or choice in our life. Finding answers is a matter of connecting to our insight.

First, we energetically connect to the midline or centerline of the client. Next, we use our mind to ask a question, we use logic. Then we stop thinking and feel. This feeling is either strong or weak.  If it's weak, we can strengthen it with a quick burst of mental energy to the client's midline. It's literally like flipping a switch.

Why does this work? It works because we have this incredible, high-tech equipment in our central nervous system. Our spinal cord and central nervous system record everything we experience. I prefer to think of our equipment as an advanced bio-photonic quantum level computer that can be manipulated at a binary level. And while this may sound more like Star Trek than reality, it's reality that is so much more amazing than anything humans can imagine.

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