A Quick Tune Up

A quick tune-up using the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics.

Bagua mapA "correction" is a process for strengthening and deleting a 'weakness' or weak energy in any  'bio-computer', and resetting the computer or field.

  1. Strengthen the weakness on the midline of the body to 100% with infinite potential.
  2. Delete the weakness down to 0 and the power of minus infinity.
  3. Reset the bio-computer.

Make your self 100% strong with infinite potential, delete anything unwanted, zero to the power of minus infinity (strong to go to other energy fields, other universes, other dimensions, places unknown, and black holes).

You can strengthen your own midline by aligning with the speed of the planet. So the speed of the planet  is strong connecting to you and you are strong in connecting to it.

Readiness check: Able, willing, ready, deserving, committed, neutral association, see it, believe it, imagine it, imagination to reality, beyond imagination to reality.

If you have trouble connecting to your self or another, check for reverse polarity.  Check and correct connection between sacral and cranial brain (brainstem).  

A very weak midline or spinal cord can seem 'opaque'. You can 'wake up' the bio-computer or midline by pulsing or vibrating the midline (three pulses).

Mental structure triad. Separate your thinking (thinking/not thinking) from your emotions (emotions/no emotions), emotions from your feeling (feeling/not feeling), feeling from your perception. Make yourself 100% strong to using your intuition.

  • Make your self 100% strong to higher Source (infinite Potential)
  • Make your self 100% strong to your insight and receiving answers
  • Make your self 100% strong to spontaneity (right action)
  • Make your self 100% strong to your creativity
  • Make your self 100% strong to using reason or logic at light speed

Check and correct body, mind, spirit triad, internal aspect, internal boundary, & external boundary. Complete integration from inside to outside, outside to inside, top to bottom, bottom to top, front to back, back to front, left to right, right to left.

If experiences is the general effect, specifically there may be
sensations, emotions, reactions; thoughts, memories, sounds, smells, and
tastes (as possible triggers); as well as people, places, and events
(especially karma). Strong neutrality for any combination of 2, 3, 5, 6,
8, 18, 36, 64 (octagon) and beyond infinity for any experiences inside,
outside, and in-between; for past, present, and future.

The six levels of influence and the six life supports. That is physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and psychic; fitness, relationships, money & finances, career & life purpose, aging & time, and health.

Check and correct fitness of perception. The triad is perception, no perception, reverse perception; same, different, changing (and polar opposites which creates a hexagon).

Check and correct awareness triad (conscious, subconscious, non-conscious) for any issue. Check internal dynamic and external boundaries.

Check and correct for time factor so you are rooted in the present but not limited by past or future (use the present to repair the past and prepare for the future).

Check and correct CNS and PNS including: thalamus to midbrain cortex. Cortex to brain brain stem, brain stem to spinal cord, spinal cord to enteric (sacral) brain (ENS), spinal cord to PNS.

Check and correct for detox of CNS (mind, brain, spinal cord) and PNS. Check for chemical toxicity, including medicine, metals (mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, arsenic), petrochemical, and parasites (viral, fungal, bacterial, yeast); correct any weakness for spinal cord, brain, meninges and CSF.

Check and correct brain for proper structure, functioning (neurological organization) and balance.

Check and correct neurotransmitter levels, including dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, norepinephrine, melatonin, and GABA (amino acid).

Check and correct meninges for cranial brain and spinal cord.

Check and correct PNS to organ systems.

Check and correct other major body systems including: lymphaticscirculation, respiratory (oxygen/CO2 exchange)and energetic.

Check and correct other major physiological systems such as gastrointestinalintegumentary (skin, hair, nails, sweat and sebaceous glands), urinarymusculoskeletal, and reproductive (including genitals).

Check and correct all organs and organ systems and strengthen the relationships between the organs.

Check and correct hormonal and endocrine systems, including all glandular functions (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, and testes).

Check and correct the connections between glands, especially between thyroid and pituitary, pituitary and hypothalamus for endocrine disorders and hormonal imbalances (also check TSH, ACTH, and others including GH and endorphins). 

Check and correct connections for all glandular systems to brain, brain to spinal cord, and spinal cord to CSF.

Check and correct all glandular systems for connections to mind, CNS, lymphatics, blood, and energy.

Check and correct glucose utilization to all organ systems, tissues, and cells.

Check and correct any parasitic involvement, both physical and non-physical. 

Check and correct all spinal column for structure, independent motion, separation, energy, and empty spaces.

Check and correct all body cavities and empty spaces in the body.

Check and correct all bones for structure, separation, energy, and empty spaces.

Check and correct all joints for structure, independent motion, separation, energy, and empty spaces; strengthen for fitness; remove any waste products.

Check and correct the pelvis and sacrum; left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, down to up, up to down

Check and correct cranium, left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, down to up, up to down

Check and correct sacrum relationship to cranium, check for equality or balance (make them even), also check sacral and cranial nerve functioning.

Check and correct feet and relationship of feet to sacrum.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong for alkaline PHnegative ionsoxygencarbonnitrogen, and glucose to tissues and cells.

Check and correct any weakness in body cavities, including cranium, nasal, mouth, throat, chest, abdominal and others.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to letting go of what you don't need or what doesn't support you.

Check and correct for encapsulation weakness, make the tissue and cells 100% strong to breaking down into molecules, atoms, and quarks (place black holes to clean up waste).

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative emotions including but not limited to depression, sadness, grief, guilt, loss, shame, anger, confusion, and frustration.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative thoughts and thought patterns, including but not limited to hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness.

For any issue check and correct for suppression, denial, lying, numbing, shutting down, and forgetting.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative choices, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative spiritual experiences, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all spirit attachments, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to being independent and coexisting with others.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to regeneration (increase GH) and rejuvenation.

Make your self 100% strong to having prosperity in your life.

Make your self 100% strong to having loving and fulfilling relationships in your life.

Make your self 100% strong to finding your purpose in life.

Make your self 100% strong to fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility and speed) in your life at all levels of influence.

Major meridian systems (including major organ meridians and vessels (conceptual, governing, thrusting, and girdle).

Trauma, fears and phobia, past illness, limitations, or karma (spiritual experiences) and spirit attachments.

Age or time (past, present, future) related weakness.

Energy at work, home, living areas, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (make more space between molecules in structures to release unwanted energy) and any astrological triggers.

Make your self 100% strong (thank you Dave Silva) to all environmental influences and associations, delete the cumulative effects, zero to power of minus infinity. Use pentagon foundation, awareness triad, time factor (past, present, future), and apply to BMS (body, mind, spirit) triad.

Finally, delete the cumulative effects of all pain, suffering, anguish and struggle through all lifetimes and all spiritual experiences and apply pentagon, awareness, and time factor. Send to places unknown, other dimensions, time and space, other universes, and black holes.

To remove unwanted attachments (mental, physical, or spiritual), set free, release, independent, protect, re-integrate.

Strengthen the physical potential triad of physical fitness (strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and speed), physical intelligence, and structural integration (structure [hollow and non-hollow], systems, organs, tissue, cells, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles).

Check and correct any imbalance for tension, relaxation and effort.

For any situation, correct all issues, triggers, and choices.

For any situation, the manifestation triad is answers, action, and results.

For any situation or weakness, strengthen all number combinations of 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 18, 36, and 64.

Any weaknesses, apply to pentagon foundation (spirits, personalities, ancestors, descendants, and collective consciousness) and awareness triad (see above).

Protocol check:

  • Logic asks the question, then we feel for strong or weak
  • Our feeling connect strongly to our perception, perception connects to intuition; the three coming together strongly creates the insight, our insight provides the answer.  
  • Your answer connects to the right action, that action connects to results, results create the manifestation.
  • The manifestation triad connects to the fulfillment triad, which is your needs, wants and desires.
  • All that is manifest to be strong for your body, mind and spirit in this universe, dimension, existence, time and space.

That is all!

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