Resolving Negative Life Experiences

Resolving energetic weaknesses is not just about the physical body. As human beings, we are body, mind and spirit. Negative life experiences from the spirit or psychic influences can and do weaken the body, mind, spirit integration. The good news is these experiences can be deleted, removed, or cleared from our bio-computer or spiritual programming.

It is very common to find weaknesses at the spiritual and psychic levels. Use the following pentagon to address spiritual and psychic weaknesses and to strengthen the spiritual structure: Karma or miasm, trauma, limitations, past illness, fears & phobias, and spirit attachments.

When strengthening and deleting these weaknesses, correct any weakness in the life pentagon (ancestors, descendants, spirits, multiple personalities, and collective influences), awareness (conscious, subconscious, and non-conscious) and the time factor (past, present, and future).

Trauma can be woven into our spiritual structure, design, or bio-computer. As human beings, we have a long history of traumatizing each other. Trauma can be from the past, present or future, and it can come from our own self or from our ancestors, descendants, spirits, multiple personalities, or collective influences. If you find a trauma weakness, it can be our self being traumatized, traumatizing others, or witnessing other people being traumatized.

A few examples: abducted, anesthetized, abandoned, aborted, alien life experiences, asphyxiated, assaulted, assassinated, beaten, bitten, bled out, blown up, bound (tied up), buried alive, burned, choked, cut, crushed, collapsed, cooked, confined, consumed, dragged, drowned, dehydrated (thirst), dismembered, eaten, electrocuted, fallen, flayed, frozen, gassed (fumigated), gasped (gasping), hanged, homeless/indigent, inhaled, imprisoned, irradiated, isolated, lightning strike, lost, miscarriage, murdered, natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, typhoon, earthquake, flood, meteor strike, volcanic eruption, supernova, shock wave) paralyzed, pierced, poisoned, poked, prodded, raped, racked, shackled, skinned alive, smashed, shot, stabbed, strangled, starved, stoned, suffocated, smothered, tarred, tortured, trapped, wandering, and victimized.

Past illnesses can also be removed or deleted from or bio-computer. A current illness can trigger our past illnesses (appendicitis, diabetesdysentery, influenza, cardiac infarction, cholera, hepatitis, malaria, pneumonia, leprosy, meningitis & encephalitis, plague, polio, tuberculosis, typhoid, rabies, small pox, sexually transmitted diseases, seizures, tumors, yellow fever and make the situation worse. Or our ancestors or descendants experiences of illness may weaken us. Past illnesses can be lodged in our CNS as memories, remnants, or residuals. Clear any memories of past illnesses down to zero to the power of minus infinity. Clear any weakness to encrustation, encapsulation, infection, and infestation.

Fears and phobias can also come from the past, present or future. For example, you might find you have a fear of falling. When testing, you might find that fear of falling is actually coming from your ancestors past experiences of falling or of the opposite (making others fall).

Spirit attachments can be our own spirit connecting to another spirit or another spirit connecting to our spirit, or even another spirit connecting to the spirit of a friend or family member. Spirit attachments can weaken our energy field. To remove attachments, you can use the following pentagon: set free, eliminate, independent, release, and protect.

Karma is based on the principle of action and reaction. Karma is not the same as fate. Karma is just an experience (of any kind). In truth, all negative life experiences come from the effect of karma. Examples of karmic unevenness between people include:

  • I owe you and you owe me
  • Payback, revenge, score to settle, and getting even
  • Resolving another persons karma

Clearing karmic (spiritual) and psychic weaknesses is the foundation for keeping the mind and body strongly neutral to these weakening influences.

These negative life influences can be removed, deleted, or cleared from our central nervous system or our bio-computer by strengthening the weaknesses on the midline.

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