How it works

The Western medical approach to resolving disease starts with an examination of symptoms which eventually leads to a diagnosis and treatment. 

An energetic approach is very different. Symptoms are just a sign that the individual is out of balance. An energetic approach always treats the whole person, not the symptoms.

As human beings, we are body, mind, and spirit. Everything that we manifest in our lives, including our physical bodies, has roots at the energetic level.

Energetic tuning starts at the energetic level where weaknesses can be identified and resolved quickly. With proper energetic tuning, all levels of the body, mind, and spirit fall into their correct alignment.

We don't diagnose or treat 'disease'. There is no physical manipulation, instead we look for energetic weaknesses:

  • Yuen Method and Reiki are different in their approach, but each works at the energetic level. 
  • Each method can be done in-person or at a distance. 
  • Each method addresses issues from the quantum level all the way up to the macro level: as above, so below.  
  • Each method promotes a connection to wholeness, balance, and integration.

My practice is not about healing because the physical body has it's own intelligence and is quite able to correct itself once blockages are removed. Making that which appears to be broken, jammed up, stuck, blocked, or stalled, all at once whole again—that is real healing, it is a yoke by which a human being can turn, move, and take action once again.

My aim is to ensure that each person receive the correct energetic information to allow their intelligence to do what it was designed to do naturally. As human beings we have a natural self-correcting gift of insight.  

It's time to put an end to untruthful answers, misinformation, and guessing. Now is the time to unlock our infinite potential.