What is Yuen Method?

Yin Yan symbolYuen Method is a different way of processing information. It is simplified logic and insight in action.

We do not process information with our thoughts, our intellect, our emotions, or by reacting to the information we receive from life or others.

Instead, we process the information according to the feeling of the energy and how it affects us. The feeling is either strong or weak. For any issue, trigger, or choice we are either strong or weak to the energy behind it.

To connect to our insight, we need to be strong to our feeling, our perception, and our intuition; this is the insight triad.

  • You can strengthen any weakness by going to your midline or centerline and feeling for the weak energy behind the problem.
  • You can make yourself strong to downloading answers quickly and to being neutral (mindless, spiritless and empty).
  • To strengthen a weakness you hit the midline with focused burst of mental energy. You do the same when you delete the effects of the weakness.
  • The process continues until the weakness is strong for 100% with infinite potential, and it deletes down to 0 and the power of minus infinity to minus infinity.

Life answers come from our insight. In order to connect to answers, one must be strongly neutral, not negative or positive. By strengthening our weaknesses, we improve our life situation. We can do this for ourselves and others. When we benefit others, we benefit as well.

In order to be strongly neutral, we must learn to separate our thoughts from our emotions and our emotions from our feeling. When our thoughts or emotions do not strongly separate from our feeling, it weakens our insight triad.

As human beings, when we are strongly neutral to life, we are able to spontaneously connect to our intuitive understanding (insight) of life and quickly resolve our weaknesses.

By connecting to our insight on a regular basis, we become our own experts.

When we rely on expert advice from others who do not process information in this way, we become susceptible to misinformation, misinterpretation, and misidentification. This clouds or weakens our perception, which then weakens our ability to connect to our insight.

It's time we all learn how to become our own expert by regularly connecting to our insight. This is our birthright. It is the skill that nobody has, but is waiting to be used.