What is self refinement?

"Self-refinement is the process of arrival in terms of seeing (there is) no self to refine or liberate.

It’s just harmonizing with or seeing reality, the nature of which is selfless, impersonal, uncreated potential."

Excerpt taken from Lettres d'Alchemie, Energy of Intent bypassing Karma, part II

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Connect to answers, awaken to your own intuition, learn how to clear away obstacles effortlessly.

The Travelers and the Grapes

The parable that follows was originally composed by the greatest of all Sufi poets, Jalal ad-Din Rumi (d. 1273) and recounted by Idries Shah, the Grand Shaykh of Sadarna.

A Persian, a Turk, and Arab and a Greek were traveling to a distant land when they began arguing over how to spend the single coin they possessed among themselves. All four craved food, but the Persian wanted to spend the coin on angur; the Turk, on uzum; the Arab, on inab; and the Greek, on stafil. The argument became heated as each man insisted on having what he desired.

A linguist passing by overheard their quarrel. “Give the coin to me,” he said. “I undertake to satisfy the desires of all of you.”

Taking the coin, the linguist went to a nearby shop and bought four small bunches of grapes. He then returned to the men and gave them each a bunch.

“This is my angur!” cried the Persian. “But this is what I call uzum,” replied the Turk. “You have bought me my inab,” the Arab said. “No! This in my language is stafil.”

All of a sudden, the men realized that what each of them had desired was in fact the same thing, only they did not know how to express themselves to each other.

The four travelers represent humanity in its search for an inner spiritual need it cannot define and which it expresses in different ways. The linguist is the Sufi, who enlightens humanity to the fact that what it seeks (its religions), though called by different names, are in reality one identical thing. However — and this is the most important aspect of the parable — the linguist can offer the travelers only the grapes and nothing more. He cannot offer them wine, which is “the essence of the fruit.” In other words, human beings cannot be given the secret of ultimate reality, for such knowledge cannot be shared, but must be experienced through an arduous inner journey toward self-annihilation.

As the transcendent Iranian poet, Saadi of Shiraz, wrote: "I am a dreamer who is mute, and the people are deaf. I am unable to say, and they are unable to hear."

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Resolving Negative Life Experiences

Resolving energetic weaknesses is not just about the physical body. As human beings, we are body, mind and spirit. Negative life experiences from the spirit or psychic influences can and do weaken the body, mind, spirit integration. The good news is these experiences can be deleted, removed, or cleared from our bio-computer or spiritual programming.

It is very common to find weaknesses at the spiritual and psychic levels. Use the following pentagon to address spiritual and psychic weaknesses and to strengthen the spiritual structure: Karma or miasm, trauma, limitations, past illness, fears & phobias, and spirit attachments.

When strengthening and deleting these weaknesses, correct any weakness in the life pentagon (ancestors, descendants, spirits, multiple personalities, and collective influences), awareness (conscious, subconscious, and non-conscious) and the time factor (past, present, and future).

Trauma can be woven into our spiritual structure, design, or bio-computer. As human beings, we have a long history of traumatizing each other. Trauma can be from the past, present or future, and it can come from our own self or from our ancestors, descendants, spirits, multiple personalities, or collective influences. If you find a trauma weakness, it can be our self being traumatized, traumatizing others, or witnessing other people being traumatized.

A few examples: abducted, anesthetized, abandoned, aborted, alien life experiences, asphyxiated, assaulted, assassinated, beaten, bitten, bled out, blown up, bound (tied up), buried alive, burned, choked, cut, crushed, collapsed, cooked, confined, consumed, dragged, drowned, dehydrated (thirst), dismembered, eaten, electrocuted, fallen, flayed, frozen, gassed (fumigated), gasped (gasping), hanged, homeless/indigent, inhaled, imprisoned, irradiated, isolated, lightning strike, lost, miscarriage, murdered, natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, typhoon, earthquake, flood, meteor strike, volcanic eruption, supernova, shock wave) paralyzed, pierced, poisoned, poked, prodded, raped, racked, shackled, skinned alive, smashed, shot, stabbed, strangled, starved, stoned, suffocated, smothered, tarred, tortured, trapped, wandering, and victimized.

Past illnesses can also be removed or deleted from or bio-computer. A current illness can trigger our past illnesses (appendicitis, diabetesdysentery, influenza, cardiac infarction, cholera, hepatitis, malaria, pneumonia, leprosy, meningitis & encephalitis, plague, polio, tuberculosis, typhoid, rabies, small pox, sexually transmitted diseases, seizures, tumors, yellow fever and make the situation worse. Or our ancestors or descendants experiences of illness may weaken us. Past illnesses can be lodged in our CNS as memories, remnants, or residuals. Clear any memories of past illnesses down to zero to the power of minus infinity. Clear any weakness to encrustation, encapsulation, infection, and infestation.

Fears and phobias can also come from the past, present or future. For example, you might find you have a fear of falling. When testing, you might find that fear of falling is actually coming from your ancestors past experiences of falling or of the opposite (making others fall).

Spirit attachments can be our own spirit connecting to another spirit or another spirit connecting to our spirit, or even another spirit connecting to the spirit of a friend or family member. Spirit attachments can weaken our energy field. To remove attachments, you can use the following pentagon: set free, eliminate, independent, release, and protect.

Karma is based on the principle of action and reaction. Karma is not the same as fate. Karma is just an experience (of any kind). In truth, all negative life experiences come from the effect of karma. Examples of karmic unevenness between people include:

  • I owe you and you owe me
  • Payback, revenge, score to settle, and getting even
  • Resolving another persons karma

Clearing karmic (spiritual) and psychic weaknesses is the foundation for keeping the mind and body strongly neutral to these weakening influences.

These negative life influences can be removed, deleted, or cleared from our central nervous system or our bio-computer by strengthening the weaknesses on the midline.

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Midline fitness and tensing

If you've ever atom-symbol-16466824been told that you just need to learn “how to relax” to resolve your 'stress' or 'pain,' you are not alone. And while it’s true that gross physical tension in the body is unnecessary and can contribute to postural and other problems, the case for relaxation has been overstated. The truth is that many of us attempt to simply relax ourselves out of our problems or pain; we tend to relax what needs tensing and tense what should be relaxed. This is called ‘hyper-relaxation’ or 'over-relaxation.' 

So what is the answer? What can you do about it? The answer is to add the necessary tension back into the body structure with focused tensing and releasing.

The entire body can be strengthened to support and align with the tension factor of the human heart. If the body is too relaxed, it creates a strain on the heart. When we relax too much, we use more effort than is necessary, creating struggle. As we age, this problem becomes more pronounced because the effect of the over-relaxation adds up over time. Too much relaxation also contributes to fitness problems, because it causes our body to lack the necessary energy to support the physical structures; it contributes to slowing down our internal systems. When out internal systems slow down, waste products build up and everything works less efficiently.

The midline includes the spinal cord, CNS, spinal column, the structure supporting the spinal column, the central vessels, channels, meridians, chakras, and the center.

How to tense/energize

  • Begin by connecting to the body part you want to tense. 
  • For example, if you are sitting, before you stand up from a sitting position, tense your buttocks and your sternum; hold the tension for three to nine seconds, then release. Stand and repeat. Do the same for the arms and legs.
  • While doing the midline tensing, run the tension from your buttocks all the way up your spine to the top of your head. It is a gentle tension (not a gross, forced tensing); you are powering up your midline using.
  • Repeat the previous exercise three times.

Additional technique for midline fitness:

  • Go to your midline and strengthen yourself to be strong for fitness (especially speed) which is strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and speed.
  • Strengthen the internal fitness support triad of movement, motion, and action.
  • The ration of tension to relaxation should be 1:1.

It is also possible to tense our internal systems and organs. Just put your attention on the organ or system and put some energy into it; you are tensing it with your brain but not with your imagination.

Animals provide an excellent example of the tensing principle. If you have ever watched a cat closely, you would notice before they stretch, they tense their entire midline. First comes the tension, then the release of that tension and the stretch. Animals understand this innately as part of their physical intelligence.

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Resolving inherited weaknesses

For all my friends, family, and clients.

All inherited weaknesses, physical and non-physical, general and specific; for past, present, and future. Strengthen to 100% with infinite potential, delete down to zero and the power of minus infinity, and reset for spirit, mind, and body.

  • You can strengthen yourself to any weakness by going to your midline.
  • When you speak the words out loud it will re-enforce the strengthening effect of seeing, saying, and hearing.
  • When you read the words, tense or pulse the energy to your midline with your brain (your attention is a physical/thought energy)
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"We have a physical empathy—a kind of sociality. When someone yawns, I do too. And laughter will follow, releasing socially induced internal pressure.

Laughter is the safety valve of the world. It is a means of disposing of one's ego and abolishing the world of opposition. Laughter rescues the mind; it is a happy invention of human wisdom in the face of the necessity of social life."

From "Zen Training, Methods and Philosophy" by Katsuki Sekida.

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A Quick Tune Up

A quick tune-up using the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics.

Bagua mapA "correction" is a process for strengthening and deleting a 'weakness' or weak energy in any  'bio-computer', and resetting the computer or field.

  1. Strengthen the weakness on the midline of the body to 100% with infinite potential.
  2. Delete the weakness down to 0 and the power of minus infinity.
  3. Reset the bio-computer.

Make your self 100% strong with infinite potential, delete anything unwanted, zero to the power of minus infinity (strong to go to other energy fields, other universes, other dimensions, places unknown, and black holes).

You can strengthen your own midline by aligning with the speed of the planet. So the speed of the planet  is strong connecting to you and you are strong in connecting to it.

Readiness check: Able, willing, ready, deserving, committed, neutral association, see it, believe it, imagine it, imagination to reality, beyond imagination to reality.

If you have trouble connecting to your self or another, check for reverse polarity.  Check and correct connection between sacral and cranial brain (brainstem).  

A very weak midline or spinal cord can seem 'opaque'. You can 'wake up' the bio-computer or midline by pulsing or vibrating the midline (three pulses).

Mental structure triad. Separate your thinking (thinking/not thinking) from your emotions (emotions/no emotions), emotions from your feeling (feeling/not feeling), feeling from your perception. Make yourself 100% strong to using your intuition.

  • Make your self 100% strong to higher Source (infinite Potential)
  • Make your self 100% strong to your insight and receiving answers
  • Make your self 100% strong to spontaneity (right action)
  • Make your self 100% strong to your creativity
  • Make your self 100% strong to using reason or logic at light speed

Check and correct body, mind, spirit triad, internal aspect, internal boundary, & external boundary. Complete integration from inside to outside, outside to inside, top to bottom, bottom to top, front to back, back to front, left to right, right to left.

If experiences is the general effect, specifically there may be
sensations, emotions, reactions; thoughts, memories, sounds, smells, and
tastes (as possible triggers); as well as people, places, and events
(especially karma). Strong neutrality for any combination of 2, 3, 5, 6,
8, 18, 36, 64 (octagon) and beyond infinity for any experiences inside,
outside, and in-between; for past, present, and future.

The six levels of influence and the six life supports. That is physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and psychic; fitness, relationships, money & finances, career & life purpose, aging & time, and health.

Check and correct fitness of perception. The triad is perception, no perception, reverse perception; same, different, changing (and polar opposites which creates a hexagon).

Check and correct awareness triad (conscious, subconscious, non-conscious) for any issue. Check internal dynamic and external boundaries.

Check and correct for time factor so you are rooted in the present but not limited by past or future (use the present to repair the past and prepare for the future).

Check and correct CNS and PNS including: thalamus to midbrain cortex. Cortex to brain brain stem, brain stem to spinal cord, spinal cord to enteric (sacral) brain (ENS), spinal cord to PNS.

Check and correct for detox of CNS (mind, brain, spinal cord) and PNS. Check for chemical toxicity, including medicine, metals (mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, arsenic), petrochemical, and parasites (viral, fungal, bacterial, yeast); correct any weakness for spinal cord, brain, meninges and CSF.

Check and correct brain for proper structure, functioning (neurological organization) and balance.

Check and correct neurotransmitter levels, including dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, norepinephrine, melatonin, and GABA (amino acid).

Check and correct meninges for cranial brain and spinal cord.

Check and correct PNS to organ systems.

Check and correct other major body systems including: lymphaticscirculation, respiratory (oxygen/CO2 exchange)and energetic.

Check and correct other major physiological systems such as gastrointestinalintegumentary (skin, hair, nails, sweat and sebaceous glands), urinarymusculoskeletal, and reproductive (including genitals).

Check and correct all organs and organ systems and strengthen the relationships between the organs.

Check and correct hormonal and endocrine systems, including all glandular functions (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, and testes).

Check and correct the connections between glands, especially between thyroid and pituitary, pituitary and hypothalamus for endocrine disorders and hormonal imbalances (also check TSH, ACTH, and others including GH and endorphins). 

Check and correct connections for all glandular systems to brain, brain to spinal cord, and spinal cord to CSF.

Check and correct all glandular systems for connections to mind, CNS, lymphatics, blood, and energy.

Check and correct glucose utilization to all organ systems, tissues, and cells.

Check and correct any parasitic involvement, both physical and non-physical. 

Check and correct all spinal column for structure, independent motion, separation, energy, and empty spaces.

Check and correct all body cavities and empty spaces in the body.

Check and correct all bones for structure, separation, energy, and empty spaces.

Check and correct all joints for structure, independent motion, separation, energy, and empty spaces; strengthen for fitness; remove any waste products.

Check and correct the pelvis and sacrum; left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, down to up, up to down

Check and correct cranium, left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, down to up, up to down

Check and correct sacrum relationship to cranium, check for equality or balance (make them even), also check sacral and cranial nerve functioning.

Check and correct feet and relationship of feet to sacrum.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong for alkaline PHnegative ionsoxygencarbonnitrogen, and glucose to tissues and cells.

Check and correct any weakness in body cavities, including cranium, nasal, mouth, throat, chest, abdominal and others.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to letting go of what you don't need or what doesn't support you.

Check and correct for encapsulation weakness, make the tissue and cells 100% strong to breaking down into molecules, atoms, and quarks (place black holes to clean up waste).

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative emotions including but not limited to depression, sadness, grief, guilt, loss, shame, anger, confusion, and frustration.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative thoughts and thought patterns, including but not limited to hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness.

For any issue check and correct for suppression, denial, lying, numbing, shutting down, and forgetting.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative choices, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all negative spiritual experiences, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to all spirit attachments, delete the cumulative effects.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to being independent and coexisting with others.

Check and correct your self to be 100% strong to regeneration (increase GH) and rejuvenation.

Make your self 100% strong to having prosperity in your life.

Make your self 100% strong to having loving and fulfilling relationships in your life.

Make your self 100% strong to finding your purpose in life.

Make your self 100% strong to fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility and speed) in your life at all levels of influence.

Major meridian systems (including major organ meridians and vessels (conceptual, governing, thrusting, and girdle).

Trauma, fears and phobia, past illness, limitations, or karma (spiritual experiences) and spirit attachments.

Age or time (past, present, future) related weakness.

Energy at work, home, living areas, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (make more space between molecules in structures to release unwanted energy) and any astrological triggers.

Make your self 100% strong (thank you Dave Silva) to all environmental influences and associations, delete the cumulative effects, zero to power of minus infinity. Use pentagon foundation, awareness triad, time factor (past, present, future), and apply to BMS (body, mind, spirit) triad.

Finally, delete the cumulative effects of all pain, suffering, anguish and struggle through all lifetimes and all spiritual experiences and apply pentagon, awareness, and time factor. Send to places unknown, other dimensions, time and space, other universes, and black holes.

To remove unwanted attachments (mental, physical, or spiritual), set free, release, independent, protect, re-integrate.

Strengthen the physical potential triad of physical fitness (strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and speed), physical intelligence, and structural integration (structure [hollow and non-hollow], systems, organs, tissue, cells, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles).

Check and correct any imbalance for tension, relaxation and effort.

For any situation, correct all issues, triggers, and choices.

For any situation, the manifestation triad is answers, action, and results.

For any situation or weakness, strengthen all number combinations of 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 18, 36, and 64.

Any weaknesses, apply to pentagon foundation (spirits, personalities, ancestors, descendants, and collective consciousness) and awareness triad (see above).

Protocol check:

  • Logic asks the question, then we feel for strong or weak
  • Our feeling connect strongly to our perception, perception connects to intuition; the three coming together strongly creates the insight, our insight provides the answer.  
  • Your answer connects to the right action, that action connects to results, results create the manifestation.
  • The manifestation triad connects to the fulfillment triad, which is your needs, wants and desires.
  • All that is manifest to be strong for your body, mind and spirit in this universe, dimension, existence, time and space.

That is all!

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True Reverence

By Deci Belle

An ancient said, "Everyone can become a Yao or Shun.  Yao and Shun were born sages; Tang and Wu learned to become sages."  Laotzu said, "I am not a sage; I learned this."


There are those with the unconscious (and unskillful) intellectual strategy which appears inwardly to themselves and their equals as every bit like reverence, but it is really nothing but the conceit of ignorance.  Actually it is like the feeling that warms the cockles of one's heart.


Taking this as a mark of attainment expressing a longing which has no room for the real to lodge, this becomes the pitiful hope and change of a spiritual dereliction.


Please do not misunderstand.  The root of this mental state is the realm of subtlety itself.  It is for this reason that one's practice of self-refinement should maintain a consistent firmness of adaptable concentration at the level of wonder twenty-four hours a day without a single thought of ceasing one's efforts.  This is in order to penetrate the subtle in purifying every last insidious trace of ignorance which is the homeland of the coreless human mentality from the selfless non-originated mind-ground of one's own undiscovered living awakened buddha-nature.


If one's reverential feelings for the teachings of those whose consummation and expression of the Way of Reality was learned, it should not engender that kind of cockle-warming feeling inasmuch as one's own entry by virtue of Lao's (seemingly accessible) meaning is a long process of self-loss until the bottom of one's bucket finally drops off.  And only after that can one really begin to savor the singular flavor of the ancients for the first time.


After all, the classics of the ancients were themselves written by enlightening beings of one Mind to aid those with the capacity to keep the knowledge of those born knowing alive.


In so saying, seeing your nature is necessary in spite of what some here may propose because it is the basis of correct reverence.  Verily, true reverence is one from start to finish even though one is unable to see it clearly.  One continues to clarify its virtue in gradual practice after sudden enlightenment, so it isn't simply a matter of knowing selfless non-origination in great cessation, either.  


This is no different than the fact of the mind-ground being the substance of the human mentality, wherein nothing is gained by the consummation of one's realization of the potential of sagacity.


Entry into the inconceivable has no beginning; how can it ever end?  Wonder of wonders.


Unless one is unrelentingly haunted by a subtle sense of intangible perpetual loss to the world of one's personalistic relativity, one's reverence cannot be authenticated, nor can it be effective in terms of the unbending intent required by the real and natural alchemical firing process of the self-refinement of those not born sages.


The correct sentiment of reverence expressed wordlessly by one's inherent non-originated selfless aware nature can be seen oneself.  This can also be grasped by penetrating the subtle meaning of the twentieth hexagram Observing, whereby there is sincerity that is reverent.



"Observing, having washed the hands but not presented the offering, there is sincerity that is reverent."


Reverence observing the mind with pure intent is activating the presence of the true non-psychological awareness within your own subjective reasoning in the midst of ordinary affairs to dispel one's habit-awareness clinging to objects, desires and opinions.  Just this is turning the light around to shine back on its source.


What other Secret of the Golden Flower would you seek?


This is the non-dwelling mind itself.  Seeing this is observing this.


Having washed the hands is the same as the true intent of open sincerity without bias or inclination, pure and capable in the capacity of one's inherent potential perpetually refreshed.


Not having presented the offering is not producing a single cockle-warming self-reifying thought.  This is maintaining correct reverential presence.  Complete Reality is just this mind-ground not producing thoughts …this is how it maintains itself as selfless non-origination in perpetuity.  You are no different in fact or in function.


Who can observe pristine perpetually refreshed awareness without presenting the offering?


If you want to take over creation, live long and see eternity, you will have to enter the tao in reality. Sagacity is learning the tao by imitating the tao.  Harmonizing one's light inside and outside is just this reality of sincerity that is reverent entering the tao in reality.


Then you find it is no different than your thieving vicious human mentality.  Anyone can do this effortlessly.  You just have to recognize it when it appears spontaneously, and then recall it over and over again.  It is not a matter of buddhahood—it is the nature of buddhahood.  This is your own mind right here and now.  Your potential for sagacity is the seed of buddhahood.


When the wonder of sudden illumination appears in the homeland of nothing whatsoever, you then plant this seed.  Seeing it is for now~ it's just you.  Its planting has no beginning, therefore the seed's effectiveness requires seeing your selfless nature~ you are not it.


Correctly reverent before; one can then be effectively reverent after.  The timing of the process from start to finish cannot be mixed up.


Editor's note: this article was reproduced from the original with permission from the author.

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How to Lighten and Quicken the Physical Body

Lighten Up

Sunset and crescent moonTo get started, begin by going to your midline (an imaginary line that runs through the center of your body), sweep your attention up and down you midline three times. Or simply pulse the energy to the midline. You begin by sending a command to the midline for strong neutrality.

The midline is the way into our bio-computer. If you have experience feeling strong and weak (Yuen Method), this will be very familiar to you. Don't worry if you don't feel strong or weak, the strengthening effect can be achieved by pulsing the energy to the midline when giving commands.

Begin by strengthening the mind and spirit to be out of the body. So there is no limitation coming from the mind or spirit. You simply disentangle from any weakening effect from the mind or spirit.

Next, strengthen the spirit to make the body quick and light. Again, you do this by going to your midline or center. The spirit body is much less dense than the physical body, so this is a good job for the spirit. Start by strengthening all the exit portals and body cavities so the lightness and quickness works it way through the entire structure of the body, especially the molecules, atoms, and quantum particles. It's a struggle to maintain the structure if the quantum particles are weak. Delete or disentangle any weakening effect.

In terms of the mind, suppressed emotions (thank you Laura Turner) tend to be stored in the empty spaces of the body which increases heaviness. We are increasing lightness and decreasing heaviness.

Moving on, strengthen your fitness support triad of movement, motion, and action. There should be no weakness or limitation in this triad. When this triad is weak, it's a struggle to maintain the fitness.

Again, strengthen the physical body to be strong to lightness, and quickness. Agility, speed, and coordination create the quickness, they are part of the fitness hexagon of strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and speed. Your spinal cord and midline should be strong to the quickness to fit with the lightness. Also, there should be no weakness in the fitness hexagon.

To improve the strengthening effect of speed on the midline, strengthen your midline to the speed of the planet rotating on its axis. There should be no weakness to the speed of the Universe connecting to you and vice versa.

Now go to the base of your spine (the sacrum) and strengthen the sacral plexus (brains) for anti-gravity. Strengthen the effect on your midline to go from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, front to back, and back to front.

Strengthen the midline for the lightness effect to be strong going into the future. Lightness should remain strong for the structure, systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles. The quantum particles should be strong for empty space, energy, and independent motion.

Strengthen lightness to be strong for near, intermediate, and far future.

Strengthen the midline for deletion (of weaknesses) going into the future.

Strengthen the midline to be balanced, centered, and stable.

Reset the body, mind, and spirit.

If this seems outrageous, consider for a moment the quickness and agility of the gazelle or the cheetah. If you align strongly with the physical intelligence of a gazelle, it will enhance the quickness and lightness of your physical body.

You can combine this strengthening effect into a single command to the midline: Lighten up!

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Fitness and Action

Honeybee gathering nectarFitness is a key component to our well-being and good "health". Fitness is both physical and non-physical. Fitness is how we fit into everything, including our body, mind, and spirit.

Our fitness hexagon must be strongly supported by our fitness support triad. In order to have the strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and speed, we must be strong for movement, motion, and action. Without the internal action in the body, everything slows down, weakening our fitness.

When we are strong to the speed of the planet rotating on it's axis, strong to the speed of the planet rotating around the Sun, and strong to the speed of the planet orbiting the galactic center, we are strong to the speed of the Universe. When we are strong to to the speed of the Universe, we have the necessary fitness to support all of our structure, systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles.

When fitness, our physical structure, and our physical intelligence come together strongly, this improves our physical potential and presence. When our physical presence operates at 100% with infinite potential, we have the natural and spontaneous ease that is our birthright.

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