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Competition and Cooperation

When we strengthen and support each other we even out competition with cooperation; this is a non-zero sum game, it evens out karma for everyone.

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Connect to answers, awaken to your own intuition, learn how to clear away obstacles effortlessly.

Answer to a friend

You can be open and kind and be neutral.


Neutrally strong doesn't mean you don't have compassion or love for others.


Thoughts and emotions just come and go, so they don't weaken you.


The spiritual experiences and the memories are just distractions along the way.


Neutrality is abiding in a strongly connected state without any clinging.

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There is nothing wrong with using words.

It is possible to use words while connected to that which doesn't use words. Then the empty and wordless experience can come through in the words.

But as long as we are attached to the idea that words are important, the deeper connection just vanishes.

And then there are times when we abandon words because only action will suffice to fulfill the necessity demanded by Life.

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The Song of Nothing or the Morning Exercise

The most important thing for a human being is to remember their Essence or to remember their Self. In order to make this connection, one must have their attention or focused mental energy.  

This exercise is designed to collect your attention. It takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, but take as much time as you need.

Between sleeping and waking, there is something precious open in each of us. Each morning, immediately upon waking, find a place where you can sit comfortably without distractions.  

Before you begin, quiet your mind and body and release any unnecessary tension. You may notice thoughts, words, or sounds in your mind; or you may notice emotions, or other sensations in the center of your body. For any distractions, put your attention on them until they melt away, then gently bring your attention back to the sensing exercise.

  • Begin by sitting upright in a chair (or on the floor if you prefer) with your hands on you thighs or at your side.
  • Sit as if suspended by a string from the top of your head, or as if there is yeast rising in the dough of your body. 
  • Breathe normally, in a relaxed manner. Relax any unnecessary tension in your body and mind before you begin. 
  • Now close your eyes and place your attention on the toes of your right foot. Move your attention from you toes to the rest of the right foot. Then bring your attention up to your right ankle, lower leg, knee, thigh, and hip.  You want to sense anything you can, nerves, muscle, bones, etc. You want to sense as deeply and finely as possible.
  • Next place your attention on the fingers of your right hand. Then move on to your entire hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, and shoulder. This completes the right side of your body.
  • Moving on, place your attention on your left shoulder. Slowly move down your left arm to the upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers.
  • Now place your attention on your left hip. Continue to the left thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle, foot and toes.
  • When finished, open your eyes. You are now in a state of collected attention.

The exercise creates a kind of magnetic center in a human being by defining the edges of deep pool; at the center of that pool is the heart of the Mind.

This exercise was passed down to me by my Fourth Way teacher, the inestimable human being, poet, and light master, David Daniels. I offer it to you as a gesture of recognition to the small and subtle wise light in each of us.

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The Practice of Five Gates Breathing

By David A. Silva

This article is a short introduction to Five Gates Breathing. Although anyone with some mastery of attention and awareness can start exploring this practice, individuals who have working experience with abdominal and / or reverse abdominal breathing will find themselves on familiar ground.


Simply put, Five Gates Breathing employs the following locations:


1       Bahui ( Gv-20 ) cavity center top of head

2-3   Laogong ( P-8 ) cavities center of each palm

4-5   Yougquan ( K-1 ) cavities center bottom of each foot


Sitting comfortably upright, direct attention towards quiet abdominal breathing. Release tensions that you can, and when relaxed place your awareness on the Five Gates. As you inhale allow your awareness to follow the breath as it flows into your Lower Dantien. One should strive to let go of muscular tension and breath easily, allowing expansion in the abdomen to extend to the perineum. As one exhales awareness is on the breath flowing from the Lower Dantien to the Five Gates.


When one's attention drifts, allow it to return to the Five Gates and Lower Dantien. Using verbal thinking to direct attention is counterproductive, as is forced breathing movements. One should be actively neutral as awareness follows the breath in and out of the Five Gates.


This is a balanced practice that provides many benefits. Firstly one may notice that the points of attention form a stable energetic hexagram of cavity spaces. Secondly throughout the practice there is simultaneous up and down movement of breath / chi. Energetic balancing happens simply through the awareness following the breath.


After a certain amount of practice, one begins to notice the flow of energy in and out, up and down as the breath cycles. Coordinated expansion and contraction of the Huiyin ( Cv-1 ) – the cavity in the center of the perineum – develops naturally without forced intervention or hint of muscular tension. 


When one is at home with this practice, energetic self corrections are possible. If there is a problem area in the body, one can direct the flow from the Five Gates to pass through the problem area on the way to and from the Lower Dantien. This averages out excessive Yang / Yin accumulations relieving symptoms and encouraging release of blockages.


I recommend starting slowly, no more than 20 minutes, once or twice a day. In the early stages sitting for long periods in this practice may not be beneficial without an experienced practitioner / teacher to monitor your progress. After a time, when one feels the practice is as comfortable as an old shoe, extending the practice into a time of safe activity is more beneficial than increasing sitting time. I enjoy taking a morning and afternoon walk around the neighborhood as I Five Gates Breath. This energizes my centerline and prepares me for an ease in whatever activities follow.


There are other benefits that naturally occur, it is best that I leave these for your discovery and delight!


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Old Chinese Proverb #1

First take out the trash, then smell the flowers.

Evolutionary Intelligence

Evolutionary Intelligence

Sensing  geography     intelligence human

expanding terrain    emerging peak    volcanic discharge

nebula formation     great divide    spanning

plasma     amorphous

condensing     cooling

Perceiving  geography     evolution human

ascending eon    fog rising    pool

primeval swamp     reed   silt

invertebrate      vitality      ( x )

flourishing   atmosphere   life   unveiled

Understanding  geography     intelligence human

temporal eclipse     inviolate earth     serpentine river

forest continent     flora   fauna     silent Sargasso

squamous      potential      ( y )

navigating  aquatic      orbit  iridescent

Realizing  geography     evolution  human

auspicious beginning     insight  growing

vertical axis   feeding    galactic node   conductive

Homo sapiens     revealing   fire

mysterious     experiment      ( z )

star light     moment



I      AM



genesis conscious  innovation illuminating essence

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Resolving Illness and Disease without Drugs or Surgery

Health care costs in this country continue to rise, many Americans have no health insurance, and for those that do, the care and results they receive are often disappointing. In the US alone, millions suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis: that is approximately 116 million people. That's not including the other 23 million for diabetes, 23 million for chronic heart disease and stroke, and almost 12 million from cancer.1

These are truly stunning figures. It's very clear that our so-called "health care" system is not providing the kind of answers people need to resolve their problems, as millions continue to suffer from back pain, head pain, neck pain, and a variety of other ailments. 

What does it all mean and where are the answers we seek? 

If drugs and surgery were the answer, fewer Americans would suffer on a daily basis. And with cost of today's medical care, many of us cannot even afford whatever drugs or surgery the so-called experts are recommending.

It is a sad state of affairs that so many of us suffer without any idea of how to resolve our own condition.  What we all need is truthful answers and those answers are closer to us than we might think.

So how do we go about resolving our problems or our pain?

There really is no secret, it's all about finding the right information or the correct answer that applies to the given situation. That answer has the necessary energy to clear the weak energy or the weakness.

Yuen Method is based on the principle that for any given condition or problem, we are either strong or weak. Energetic weaknesses are identified, strengthened, and then removed using a deletion process.

How does Yuen Method work? This method is based on the principle of neutrality. The idea is to be strongly neutral to any issue, trigger, or choice in our life. Finding answers is a matter of connecting to our insight.

First, we energetically connect to the midline or centerline of the client. Next, we use our mind to ask a question, we use logic. Then we stop thinking and feel. This feeling is either strong or weak.  If it's weak, we can strengthen it with a quick burst of mental energy to the client's midline. It's literally like flipping a switch.

Why does this work? It works because we have this incredible, high-tech equipment in our central nervous system. Our spinal cord and central nervous system record everything we experience. I prefer to think of our equipment as an advanced bio-photonic quantum level computer that can be manipulated at a binary level. And while this may sound more like Star Trek than reality, it's reality that is so much more amazing than anything humans can imagine.

1 Statistics source.


Tension to the People!

By Laura Turner

 –Student of Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster Kam Yuen, DC

Tension has been given a very bad name. It gets classified by most healthcare professionals as something to be avoided straight across the board. It hangs out on the most-wanted list as a detriment to the safety of our society.

We avidly seek our massages, our body-work, our Rolfings, our needlings, our poppings and crackings with the idea of removing tension.  We even invite others to inflict much pain on us in our search of the ultimate tension-free body. 

Let’s face it, people, how many times have you seen a bumper sticker that says “Tense”?  Not once, I dare say. That’s because tension has been wrongly identified as a major culprit to be eradicated from every facet of the human mind body spirit. 

Most of us live the latter part of our lives in constant search of relaxation, going out of our way to avoid tension at all costs. And ironically the cost is great.  

It is almost impossible to pinpoint all the pain and difficulty that is being generated by this basic human error in thinking. 

Generally speaking, it is our mind that seizes on someone’s erroneous idea and goes wild with it. Those ‘RELAX “commands we keep giving ourselves are very damaging on all levels of existence. Could it be that we are once again allowing our minds to sabotage us beyond our worst imaginings? The world is flat! Floaters are Witches! You must suffer to go to heaven! (I rest/tense my point.)

Before I get carried away, however, there is a tension that needs correcting because it is totally useless—unless you like blocking the free flow of your own energy, or unless you’re fond of endless struggles.

The problem is, we have misidentified the source and cause of this useless and undesirable tension. The one that begs for eradication is the tension we constantly have to demand from our bodies in order to keep them upright.  Without this tension, we would be in a state of constant collapse.  We would live our lives on ‘fainting couches’, never able to rise to any occasion.

This tension that we constantly have to dredge up in our body to keep it upright is the true culprit, and it has spawned much mental and emotional struggle—in other words, more tension. Put simply, we are struggling to keep our bodies standing and we are tense about it. We needn’t be though. We need only reprogram our thinking about tension and relaxation.

Tension is as necessary to life as relaxation. We all know how structural tension is so paramount in the building of all our man-made contraptions. Things break without it.   Why do we diss it so in our own bodies? 

Again, it is because we are mistaken about which tension is bothering us. The physical tension everyone thinks of and feels as negative is really all our physical reactions and physical efforts needed to combat the insufficient tension that we have programmed in. 

To compensate for insufficient tension, we have to exert much added effort to maintain structural tension in our bodies. We have programmed our bodies and minds to believe that all tension need be avoided, and the body is struggling mightily to comply with these mental commands we keep giving ourselves. To intensify and complicate the matter, we are tense about this added effort needed to keep our bodies from collapsing on all levels.  On some level we know we have been misinformed and this bothers us.  On some level we’re no dummy!

Fortunately, this tension, as well as the tension it spawns, is correctable, energetically reversible. By removing the mental sabotage and misinformation that we have been fed about the workings of our own bio-computers (along with its cumulative effects) we end the reign of useless tension.  We make ourselves strong to the collective misinformation that holds our infinite potential hostage.

We can then energetically strengthen our body cavities, our veins, arteries, our teeth, colons, our spinal cords, etc., by putting tension there mentally.  We can  also go to our midlines (that imaginary dividing line down the front of the body) and place an energetic thought correction there for any weaknesses that have resulted from the efforts to relax every single part of our bodies and minds.   

We have not only relaxed ourselves into a state of structural relaxation, the very smallest elements of our physical make-up are struggling to produce the kinetic energy needed to maintain the natural flow up all the body channels throughout our whole body.  In many cases, our Lymph Systems are not able to remove the waste from due to excessive relaxation. Even our excretory systems are loose and flaccid.

Excessive relaxation puts pressure on our body cavities, our colon, our veins and arteries, all the way from our organs down to the quantum particles that make up these organs. Plus, this pressure results in unidentifiable pains which produce more pains, until we are a veritable pain machine—and all on account of too much relaxation.   

The heart, for example, tenses and relaxes non-stop, and rightly so.  It is by far the strongest muscle in the body.  What would happen if all the relax directives we constantly tell ourselves overrode the programming that tenses our heart?  Stop it from tensing and end your life.  Tension is that necessary for survival and it is necessary on all levels.

Relaxation will naturally follow as a matter of course when we learn to balance  hyper-relaxation with sufficient tension. The human ability to relax has always been and will always be there.  If we stop exerting so much effort to relax and actually tense moreoften, we will relax. We need to recognize the necessity of tension and just do it.

After tension, relaxation will emerge on its own,naturally,without any undue effortsto seek it. We don’t have to do anything to achieve a relaxed state of mind body or spirit. These constant and ongoing efforts to relax have made us tense in a bad way.  

Remember, the good Tension produces kinetic energy and structural integrity. It keeps all body systems functioning at a pain-free optimum.  This tension should be present and accounted for in your quantum particles, your atoms and your molecules, your cells, tissues, organs and all body systems.

Tension produces the momentum needed to move the energy up and around all the channels of your body—throughout your entire body and throughout your entire life. 

Tension to the People!

The Importance of the Lymphatic System in Overall Fitness

By Dr. Kam Yuen

Overall fitness, or what some call 'health', is dependent on the smooth operation of the Lymphatic System. Without this flow, we definitely wouldn't have waste products coming out of our body. The lymphatic system operates much like a sewer system, and this system is more important than even the circulatory system of the body.

Many people are too concerned about what they put in their bodies-they worry if it is good for them or not. They are not even thinking about removing or flushing out the waste products, especially the cellular waste products and the dead cells.

Waste products are not just what are in the colon. The waste products in the colon are not as vital to remove as the waste products in the cells. There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the body that give off waste products. They also die inside the body. All this has to be pushed into the lymphatic system and flushed out of the body, otherwise waste is just going to stay and create infection. And when that infection is there long enough, it would create an infestation: viruses, bacteria, yeasts and/or fungi—the kind of infestation/infection that people don't know what to do about.

Infestation or infections means that those pathogens have become very aggressive—parasitic even. Microscopic parasites would accumulate, and when there are microscopic parasites, they are more inclined to attract larger parasites-even to the point where they might be visual to the naked eye so that everybody freaks out. Parasitic!

To prevent this whole negative process from happening, anything and everything that has to do with the Lymphatic needs to be strengthened. We definitely want to make sure that the lymph nodes would be strong and the lymph fluid would be strong, and that the channels are open and stay open to the lymph ducts and the lymph center. The connections to the kidney, liver, large intestine and urinary/bladder must also be strong, so that the waste products can come out the natural way. We don't want our waste products coming out through the mouth, the skin or sweat glands.

So this is more of a complete picture of what's taking place inside the body and should pretty much be taken into consideration when anyone is looking for the weakness or cause of a physical reaction.

How do you look for the exact cause? Your intuition is the only way that gives you the correct answer. Logical thinking only gives you too many answers or more questions with no answers.

When you use your intuition to pinpoint weaknesses, you do not have to be compensating for the unknown, or the incomplete way of dealing with your body. For example, you would not have to depend on the incomplete information from blood tests or MRIs. You would access the information you need to deal with your body in a more complete manner.

Intuition gives you the complete picture, which is exactly what everyone needs. Since we have high tech equipment, we should want to know what there is to know about every part of it-and not just know a few things about a few parts.

By Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster Kam Yuen, DC

Martial arts Grandmaster Kam Yuen, Doctor of Chiropractic and former aerospace engineer, was the consultant and stunt coordinator for the original television series 'Kung-Fu.' For the last twenty years, however, the retired Grandmaster has successfully treated over 300,000 patients using a methodology he synthesized from Taoist practices, his martial arts experience and Chiropractic studies.

You can connect directly with Dr Yuen at his monthly teleseminars by going to, or for a limited time you can sign up for one of Dr Yuen's free telelectures at

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